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the medical application of yoga.

Therapeutics and Yoga

for teachers, therapists, health care professionals, and individual practitioners working with injuries, dysfunction and rehabilitation. In their own bodies, or in the bodies of others. A new vision of how the human body heals; animated through the lens of anatomy, physiology, asana and pranayama.

Subjects covered: the detailed, living anatomy of asana; screening protocols to detect dysfunction and orient recovery through a new paradigm of assessment; use of props to support specific limitations and encourage possibilities; therapeutic modifications of classic postures; touch and the role of the guide;  the foundational importance of the guide's persons practice

Each workshop is available at two different Levels.


foundational rehabilitation, recovery and return to function; focus stays on the skeletal-muscular level.


from functional to optimal movement, circulation, and vitality; focus moves toward the organic, physiological, and emotional levels.

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