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Synthesizing the tradition of Iyengar Yoga and the science of osteopathy 3-year advances studies program starting autumn 2022. 

A Journey to reclaim our sovereignty, independence, and intimacy with the natural world.

Schedule and Structure :

Five 3-Day weekend per year.

Friday-Sunday, specific times to be determined.

20 Hours of in-class studies, practice and training per weekend.

100 Hours per year, 300 Hours for the entire program. 


1,500€ per year

350€ per weekend

Online option also available live and/or recorded via Zoom.

Guiding Vision

All primary texts from the Vedic/Yogic tradition assert that the cause of human suffering is avidya, lack of knowledge of self, and its embodiment. The cure to this suffering, therefore, is vidya, acquired knowledge of self and its embodiment. Yoga is an instrument to reveal the divine being encoded in the human embodiment. It is an art and a tradition designed to unlock that code, and reveal the divinity within. Through an organized, comprehensive, step by step curriculum, Billy and Tobias will guide the students through a 3-year detailed exploration of the various layers and sheaths of that embodiment. From the structural, mechanical outer frame; through the vast elegant network of the physiology and pranic systems; into the deeper realms of the psyche, the various psychological profiles, and the fire of their emotions; and deeper still into the ethereal realms of the Self, the ever present jiva, and the profound silence of being itself. Sat.

Course Description

Billy and Tobias combine their unique experience, study and training to bring a fresh perspective to this ancient and noble art.


Crisp, detailed sequences with interactive PDF's will be provided each weekend for subjects covered; a 3-year, 3-Level structure will be revealed, following a step by step evolution in intensity and refinement; 20 total sequences given per year, 60 for the entire program; a model and usable blueprint will emerge for instructors and and practitioners to follow and organize a 3-Year, multi-Level progression for their regular public classes and/or private practice.


The asana taught will be explored, contextualized and organized through 10 distinct patterns of archetypal human movement; each

year these movements will be repeated and re-examined through an increasing variety of asanas, becoming more refined, complex, and intense. This approach will facilitate mobility, suppleness, functional strength, stability, pranic voltage, intimacy with the breath, resolution of tension patterns, capacity to down-regulate the nervous

system in intense situations, and a clear, coherent mind.


Each weekend Tobias will teach 2 or 3 interactive, participatory, hands on anatomy and/or physiology "lectures" to refine, clarify and deepen the impact of our practice.

Group work and home exploration will be given.


Each weekend will include at least 3 sessions o pranayama and/or breath work

Ongoing Programs

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